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Chartered Accountancy


With only a decade long history in Nepal, Chartered Accountancy is a dream profession of large number of students. It is a challenging profession that offers Self-Practice or Job Opportunities in the area of Accountancy, Auditing, Corporate Finance, Project and other area. The CA course provides a multi-faceted perspective to the CA aspirant ranging from economics and operations of a business along with its auditing, fi nancing and legal aspects.

CA as A Profession

The prefix 'CA' added in the name is the symbol of trust. The title is an internationally recognized professional designation. CA license is the accounting professional's highest standard of competence, a symbol of achievement and assurance of quality. Chartered Accountants frequently occupy managerial positions in various leading organizations and carries a very high brand image in the society. They are synonymous to the fi nancial fi eld and considered inseparable from the top level management. They have a greater understanding of and experience in various sectors including.

• Banking, Insurance and Financial Institutions.

• Private Business Houses.

• Public Sectors.

• Government Organizations.

• Hospitality Sectors.

• Telecommunication Organizations.

• Manufacturing Houses.

• Hospitals, Colleges and Other Service Sectors.

• I/NGOs, Development Sectors etc.

Recognized and respected internationally, a qualification in Chartered Accountancy will also bring global mobility, with Chartered Accountants in constant demand both at home and foreign countries.